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14 February 2014

Creatives Unite new features: Job board and Events

I’m pretty excited to announce a new feature on one of my passion-projects, Creatives Unite, which aims to connect writers to the freelancer resources they need to get their books finished, seen and sold! Want to know what Creatives Unite is? Read my case study: Creatives Unite. Freelancer Jobs Do you have a job that […]

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10 May 2012

Catching up: April / May Links of Note

So much fandom I don’t know where to start…so, in no logical order (it’s more fun that way): The final movie in the Cornetto Trilogy (Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright films), ‘The Worlds End’, kicks off in September! Another reason to love R2D2 (if we needed one): he makes coffee! At least for this guy. An Amazing […]

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16 September 2011

Bytes of Science, Bits of Random

Some amazing and/or odd stuffs: Paris tries out virtual boarding attendants in their airport Massive iPhone case looks like an ear, freaks out everybody An interview with¬†Benjamin Harff, who lovingly created a beautifully illustrated copy of (Tolkien’s) The Silmarillion A device called the¬†Wacom Inkling arrives, transfers anything you draw on paper to your computer People […]

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18 August 2011

Sciency-wimensy, Worky-shmerky, Techy-er . . . -wecky *winces*

A cauldron of goodies; fun or serious tech and design-y things worth a mention. Infographic explaining how people in science see each other (it’s more how people at any university see each other). Your idea of Happiness is Wrong, science explains. Two days after agreeing on a final draft of a project… What can I […]

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30 June 2011

This here be a blog.

Because, what the interwebs needs is another blog. It’s not like there isn’t enough of them already or anything. While this site is a general showcase of my work to accompany my business (Equivalent Exchange), and to make my resume look spiffy, the bloggy-part of it will probably be link roundups of geeky stuff. There’s […]

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