Investing in a professional website for your business, no matter how big or small you are, is essential in the world we now live in. Many people believe this means they have to invest a lot of money into something they don’t really understand, for reasons they don’t understand, because everyone says they have to do it.

Not with me. With Equivalent Exchange, I want to make the web a better place. I want to make awesome websites for awesome people, and for you to be happy and confident in using the result.

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Module 1

“The Social Business”


  • Creation of social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook and YouTube).
  • Branding of social media accounts.
  • Instructional guide on using your social media accounts to get the most out of them for your business.

Approx $60AUD

We can include additional social media services in this package – like Google Plus, Google Places, LinkedIn, etc – just ask; it’ll probably add around $15AUD each for each extra service setup and branding. Note that while I can set it up and brand it, some confirmation from the service will usually be required from you, to confirm your business address, phone number, email address, etc. I’ll let you know when this is needed.

The Next Step

Once you have your online following, and you believe that your business will benefit from branching out further online, I can take you through the steps as you need them. Be it:

  • buying a domain,
  • getting a reliable hosting package to store your website on,
  • designing your website to your individual business requirements (not just what everyone else has),
  • building (coding) your website, blog or online shop,
  • designing and/or coding any mobile websites, or using a responsive layout (to automatically change your website for small devices),
  • helping you with writing your content so both humans and search engines can work with it,
  • teaching you how to use your website and update your own content (including copy, images, videos and links),
  • integrating your (existing) social media services into the website,
  • advertising an online launch party,
  • going live,
  • and heaps more!

Do only which steps you want to do, when you want to do them. For example, we could start your website out small, with just a couple of pages about your business, and add a blog at a later date, and then a shop even further down the line, if you wanted to branch into making money through your website.

Please note that every website is individual, and the below prices are provided only as a rough estimate; a proper quote will be supplied once we’ve discussed your requirements.

Module 2

“The Flatbuilt Business”


  • organisation of domain purchase, if none exists (cost to be done by you so your business owns it, but I can help you get it done)
  • website hosting (cost to be done by you so your business owns it, but I can help you get it done (I recommend Medialayer))
  • design of a 3-page website, optimised for desktop (includes content, images, video embeds, google map embed)
  • business email setup (if this is a new domain)
  • Google webmaster tools and analytics integration (with an explanation of why this is needed, during the process)

Approx $600 (domain costs pending)

  • Add a mobile version of the website: add about $200

For this package, as the most basic of websites, I require content changes to be sent to me to update, as the website is what we call ‘flat built’ – that is, it doesn’t have a content management system (database) behind it, so there is no back-end for you to edit. All updates have to be done using direct, flat HTML code. So after go-live and handover to you, any content changes you want me to do will be charged at an hourly rate.

Module 3

“The Self-Sufficient Business”

The Self-Sufficient Business Module puts you in control of your content. You will get a fully-branded, wordpress-based website, including a contact form and social media integration, with training and support inclusive until handover. If you need any extra support or training after handover, it’s just billed at my regular hourly rate (price available on request).

With this module, I want you to be happy not only with the look, but also with using and updating your final product for yourself. I want you to feel comfortable making changes and publishing blog posts. All training and support is done over email, so that you have a permanent record of every step and instruction I’ve sent you; I also provide a usage guide during the handover phase, so you can print it out and refer to it whenever you need to.


  • organisation of domain, if none exists (cost to be done by you so your business owns it, but I can help you get it done),
  • website hosting, if none exists (cost to be done by you so your business owns it, but I can help you get it done (I recommend Medialayer)),
  • design of a templated website (no page restriction),
  • coding of the templated website using wordpress – which includes a blog,
  • integration of any existing social media services,
  • a contact us form,
  • a guide on how to use your wordpress website,
  • email support and training until handover to you,
  • business email setup (if this is a new domain),
  • Google webmaster tools and analytics integration (with an explanation of why this is needed, during the process).

Prices vary based on requirements; I could give you an estimate fairly quickly if you send me your requirements using my Quote form.

If you want to use an existing wordpress theme with a couple of tweaks by me to brand it your way, it will greatly reduce the cost (as look/design takes the most time). So, ask about it and I’ll send you some links to free themes that we can change a little to match your business.

Pick and choose what you need

I’m not interested in ripping people off or just getting money for a job and leaving it to you, never to be seen from again. I love coding and I love the web – I want to make awesome websites for awesome people, and I want you to keep wanting to use and improve your entire online presence, not only your website.

General Support

I am available for general website support and training over email. If you’re already a client of mine and it’s a simple enough question/answer situation, I will help you out – just ask.

If you’re a friend of a friend, or a new client, due to time and business constraints, I can’t offer my services for free (I’m sorry, but it results in too many people taking advantage of it). My hourly rate is $60AUD/hr, and I really will only charge you for what you use.

Old Websites (not mine)

If you have an old website that you simply want updated, send me a wave and let me know what you need. After a look at your site, and its code-base, I’ll be able to provide you with a more accurate quote. If it’s cheaper to do so, I’ll usually just charge the hourly rate ($60AUD/hr).

If you have an existing, old website and want to upgrade it to a new brand, or new CMS, because this will take longer it will be quoted at a flat rate. Again, just ask, and I’ll let you know.

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