Catherine Bateson

Catherine Bateson is a poet and writer for young adults and younger readers.

Australian writer of books for younger readers, young adults, verse novels and poetry.


I am delighted with the website Melinda Dean designed and built for me – it was such an unexpectedly easy process and I feel both as though I have a product that I absolutely love and the tools to work on it myself, adding to it as need arises. Min’s instructions are detailed and clear and she’s always been prompt at answering any queries. Her original brief was to work with some design elements that were already in place and she’s done that beautifully, transforming an ‘in- construction’ website (which had been in construction for some years!) into a professional site which reflects both my personality and my work. I’d heartily recommend Min Dean – fabulous communication, design flair and reasonable rates – what more can you ask for? -- Catherine Bateson

Author and site owner

Web project details:

Catherine Bateson

Catherine approached me at the recommendation of two of my other author clients; Isobelle Carmody and Liliana Stafford. She was wanting a revamp of her existing site, which her daughter had built for her many years ago but who was now too busy to maintain.

She wanted to be able to feature her books, reviews and events and to have a blog, and basically make her online presence more professional, yet personal, while retaining a sense of fun, which is present in all of her work. 

Catherine sent me some assets and once I got a feel for her work, the design process was very fast and easy. I came up with the new branding, based on a stamp that she owns and provided photos of, and fashioned it into what I hope comes off as a bookmark (Catherine picked up on this straight away, so it seems to do the trick!). 

We used WordPress so that Catherine would easily be able to add blog posts and manage all of the pages on her site herself. There are several customisations in the WordPress admin which allow for particular fields to become available on particular pages only, so as not to confuse the administrator/s; eg, Awards and Reviews fields only becoming available if you select that the page you are editing is using the Book template. 

All in all this is a lovely little site, which is fast and most importantly, the client loves. And when a client loves their site, they love using their site, and everybody is happy. One of the nicest builds I’ve taken part of this year! 

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