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Creatives Unite is an online directory of creative professionals in the publishing industry.

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Creatives Unite

Creatives Unite is another passion project I worked on for the better part of two years, with lots of workshopping, ideas and encouragement from author Isobelle Carmody, without whose support the idea would never have gone live.

Creatives Unite has a two major purposes; allow people to sign up and list their expertise and specialities, and allow others to find them. With a combination of plugins, custom coding and wordpress for the framework, I believe I’ve met those requirements.

Technology-wise, the site includes a PayPal membership gateway (for two types of memberships, including recurring annual payments), an advanced search function, user login. The listing functionality – where users can create and maintain their own personal listing – includes the ability assign oneself into areas of expertise, specialities (eg, genres), long and short bios, contact details including several social media methods, and the ability to add images to their own personal galleries (important for cover designers!). Members can also rate other providers, leave testimonials on a member’s listing, and contact the listing owner directly, via the form at the bottom of the listing page. And all members’ contact details are protected behind the membership wall, to protect them from spammers and scammers.

As well as building and maintaining the directory, since this is a personal project I’ve looked after all the content writing, blog post content gathering, and social media requirements (including but not limited to a facebook and twitter presence).

This project was a long time in the making, because I had to simply fit it in around other jobs, but was one I was committed to seeing go live. It never would have happened without Isobelle’s ideas, advice and support, Sophie Masson’s brilliant support close to go live, and a swathe of lovely industry-related beta testers who I had run over the site in the month’s leading up to go live.

Hopefully with this site a lot of the talented people in the publishing industry who are finding their job status in flux will be able to get themselves out there, and writers will be able to find everyone they need to make their book as good as it can be.

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