Trelowarren is unique. On the south bank of the Helford River that was made famous by Daphne du Maurier’s novel Frenchman’s Creek, this is the historic estate that inspired her iconic tale of handsome smugglers, secret assignations in wooded creeks and political intrigue. She called Trelowarren, ‘a jewel’ and here it still is – your invitation to a holiday in the heart of a 1000 acres of beauty and tranquillity.

Luxury cottages on the Lizard peninsula, Cornwall UK


I have worked with Melinda on a number of websites but this was by far the biggest and most complex one so far. Trelowarren is a large family owned historic estate in Cornwall, UK and has numerous arms to its business – tourism, property, leisure and timeshare to name a few. To add to the complexity of the business came the added complexity of being in different timezones. As always, Melinda was a pleasure to work with, the design is beautiful and just what we were hoping for, the navigation and solutions to our own line business needs were well thought out and delivered and the timezone issue never once caused in problem (in fact maybe it made things easier). We love the outcome of this project and I would not work with anyone else on web builds! Melinda’s work is awesome. -- Keren Cooksey

Website coordinator at Trelowarren Estate

Web project details:


Keren approached me to bid for the Trelowarren website mid-2015 and I was, as ever, eager to work with her again. The Trelowarren website was content-rich but dated, and needed to be brought into this century. They needed a site that would be easy for all age groups to navigate, given their target markets, and also be engaging and match the vibe of the newly-designed logo. 

Happily, I won the contract and after we agreed on the technical elements of the new website, we proceeded with design. There were some visual challenges – for example, how to manage the navigation menu – which was too large, I felt, to keep in a single menu. Trelowarren loved the idea of splitting the menu and the design I proposed – there were minimal changes and then the real fun began! 

Development of the Trelowarren site has possibly been the most challenging but genuinely enjoyable coding jobs I’ve taken on; working out how to both make the content client-friendly and editable, and user-friendly on the front end. 

This site is heavily customised, using custom post types and fields for greater control of all text and visual elements within the site. Being such a content-heavy site I reasoned that it would be important for the client to not have to input information more than once, so there is a central control point for each content section, and the content entered is then dispersed where required throughout the site (e.g., all information pertaining to a single cottage is entered on the Cottage page, then much of the same content is reused on the cottage’s corresponding Timeshare page, though there are fields within WordPress in the Timeshare section to allow for overwriting of this information on a case-by-case basis, if they wish). 

I love this site, and Trelowarren love it as well – a complete success and I can’t wait to continue working with the people at Trelowarren in the future as their website continues to evolve.

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